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Education at Drayton

Education at Drayton

We are the Education Team at Drayton Manor and we wanted to let you know that we offer a range of fun workshops alongside your park visit to make your trip more educational. 

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Learning in a context like a theme park and zoo can make a subject more memorable and engaging for students, so whatever your age range or subject, we can help.

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Whether you want to find out more about dinosaurs, animal habitats, the science around rollercoasters and how to build them, or how to run and market a successful business; we’re here to ensure your visit is both fun and interesting!

For your peace of mind, we’ve also been awarded the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge so you can be rest assured that you are getting an excellent workshop and visit through the education department.

Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Award

Please get in touch! 

Jess and Gemma, Education Team x 

01827 252436

Download our Education Information Pack by clicking here.

About Us

Our Mission Statement:

To deliver an outstanding programme of education for all our visiting school groups and zoo guests, which promotes enjoyment, achievement and active learning.

The Team:

Jessica West, Education Manager- BA Hons, Secondary PGCE, worked for Drayton Manor since 2011

Gemma Hilton-Tapp, Education Officer - BSc Hons, Primary PGCE, worked for Drayton Manor since 2012


We understand how difficult and expensive it can be to organise a school visit, and that you may not always be able to come to us. So we can come to you! Some of our workshops are available to teach at your school or venue (although we may not be able to accommodate you during our peak teaching months). If you are interested in booking an outreach workshop for your pupils, please contact us using one of the methods above, and we can discuss prices and dates.

Don’t want an education workshop?

If you DO NOT wish to have an education session or book outreach, please contact our call centre to book your theme park tickets on 0844 472 1950*

*Calls to this number are charged at 7 pence per minute service charge, for the access charge please refer to your phone provider.



See below for more details about our fun and informative workshops available all year round for a range of ages.

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You can book the workshops with our education department by contacting or calling 01827 252436.

Our most popular Primary School workshops:
  • Rollercoaster Design
  • Rollercoaster Forces
  • Dinosaur Discovery
  • Teeth and Eating
  • Habitats and Adaptation

For details about the content covered in these 1 hour workshops and a full list of all our available sessions, please click here.

Our most popular Secondary School workshops:
  • Drayton Manor as a Business
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • ICT at Drayton Manor
  • Rollercoaster Physics/Mechanics

For details about the content covered in these 1 hour workshops and a full list of all our available sessions, please click here.

30 Minute ‘Wonder’ Workshops:

These are designed to enrich a school visit in a short burst, and are great for reward visits or if you visit during our busier months like June and July.

  • Meet the Animals: get up close to our lizards, snakes and bugs, and handle bio-artefacts like antlers, leopard fur and green turtle shells!
  • Animal Presents: make new toys for our leopards, gibbons, meerkats or parrots, and watch them enjoy it!
Education Activity Days

Education Activity Days

Join in the fun during our exclusive winter education days, which are available between November-March only, even if our theme park is closed!

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These days will run from approximately 10.30am – 3.00pm for up to 3 classes and will be a selection from the following activities:

  • 1 education workshop per class
  • A guided zoo tour
  • Making presents for our zoo animals e.g. black leopards
  • Dino Trail activities
  • Meet the Animals experience e.g. snakes, lizards, bugs
  • Theme Park Detectives activities
  • Sketching the rides
  • Private viewing in the 4D cinema
  • Chance to ride 2 small attractions (if the park is open for our Christmas event on the date selected)


Please note that if you visit when the theme park is closed, NO shops or cafes will be operational so please do not bring spending money.

There may also be large vehicles moving around the park, so we will be wearing high visibility vests.

To enquire about these unique days, please contact or 01827 252436.



Please see below for a list of workshop prices. 

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Education Workshop Prices Price Further Information 

1 hour Education Workshop (36 pupils or less)

£40.00 Per session

1.5 hour Education Workshop (36 pupils or less)

£60.00 Per session

30 min Animal Encounter (25 pupils or less)

£30.00 Per session
Education activity day (Nov - March only) 




 1 class

 2 classes

 3 classes

Powerpoint from your session £15.00  
Resources (Activity sheets used in your session) £5.00  
Large groups

If you have groups with over 36 pupils that you want taught in the same session it may be possible to arrange this for an extra cost of £1.50 per pupil.

For Schools and Groups park ticket prices please click here.


Experiences for Uniformed Groups

Experiences for Uniformed Groups

We run special experiences for uniformed groups to book.

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Full Days

10.30am – 3.00pm, children ages 8-14 years

Available in September only (enquire for specific dates)

  • Creative Coasters: we look at how rides work, experience 2 rides of your choice, and design & build one in groups! Maximum of 25 children. Price: £350.00
  • Animal Agents: children become zoo keepers for the day! Chop up food for the animals, make fun presents for them, feed our meerkats, and stroke some of our scaly animals! (Children will not go on any of the rides). Maximum of 15 children. Price: £250.00


5.45pm – 7.15pm, children ages 5 years +

Available in July and September only (enquire for specific dates)

  • Scales and Tails: children meet some of our scaly friends (snakes, lizards & turtles) and then make presents for and feed insects to our meerkat mob!

£55.00 for a maximum of 25 children

Please contact our education officers if you are interested in one of these days on or 01827 252436.